Towel embroidery logo or embossing logo, where is the right choice for your business? With any business, hotel, they also want to put your brand is reaching far more is known. So embroidered or embossed logo hotel towels was not too strange for those who business areas of this resort. So today, Towels Cheap will help you to distinguish the 2 types of logo scarf this and give out the most suitable option, okay.

The benefits from towel and linen embossed Logo

Towel embroidery Logo

Quality and professionalism

Embroidered Logo often give the impression of quality and high-class. It creates a professional and refined products.

High durability

Embroidered Logo usually is durable and not easy to fade color. The embroidery Logo, can keep the image and the color of the scarf through time.

Color options

The process of embroidery towel allows you can use many colors help to create the Logo style and attracts attention.

khăn thêu logo
The benefits from towel and linen embossed Logo

Personal style

Towel embroidery offers flexibility in the design and personalization. Businesses can create the unique product of style and value of themselves.

Suitable for all types of fabric

Embroidery Logo can be applied on many different fabrics, from cotton to polyestercreate flexibility in the selection of material.

Towel embossed Logo

Cost effective

Towel embossing is often a solution is cost effective for printing the Logo on bulk products.

In sharp

Methods embossed Logo creates crisp images and high quality, especially on flat surfaces such as leather, paper, or plastic materials.

Durable and keep color long time

Logo embossed often have high strength, scarf no signs of fading, and can keep the image sharp over time.

Diverse substances

Towel embossed Logo can be made on many materials, including leather, metal, paper, and plastic.

Differentiated instruction towel and linen embossed Logo

To distinguish towel, hotel towel and embossed Logo we only need to rely on observations by eye, you can realize right:

Towel embroidery Logo

Surface: Logo embroidery usually have the surface smooth and flat, because the process of embroidery create the image on the surface of the towel.

The needle: You can clearly see the the metal on the surface of the towel, creating sharp images and high-quality.

Effects 2D: Towel embroidery Logo will create the effect 2D, with pictures flat on the surface.

dập nổi logo
Differentiated instruction towel and linen embossed Logo

Towel embossed Logo

Surface: the Surface of the embossed Logo usually has the ball and can have the effect textured, depending on the materials and printing techniques.

Flatness and highlights: Logo embossing can have 3D effects and striking off the surface of the towel, creating an unique and interesting.

The Shadow and light: The light and shadow on the Logo can change when the lights up, creating the effect of a special light.

3D effect: important Characteristics of Logo embossing is the ability to create 3D effect and textured, creating a vivid and unique.

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When should choose towel and linen embossed Logo?

So the question next is how it should embroidered logo & when should embossed logo, then the answers are below for you.

Towel embossed Logo

Matching scarf large as towels and thickness will be present are detailed logo on the towel. However, napkins, embossed Logo should reach the enough quantity requirements to be able to press the towel is. Usually purchase where the seller will receive weave bath towel with a different number, but the number of 100 pieces will be enough number to weave logo.

With towels often will have a size of 70×140 cm (400g) and (500g). If you want to choose the scarf to put the logo, you can use a towel 70×140 cm 500g will fit. In addition, with a number of hotel beds can be white, grey... colors penchant classic will suit towel, hotel textile, logo.

Khăn dập nổi logo
When should choice scarf embossed Logo and embroidered?

Towel embroidery Logo

Scarf, big or small, can all embroidery is. With these images, logo's embroidery will bring great detail over embossed logo, clearly show the colors and the elegance of the towel without logo brings. Towels, hotel-size too big can also embroider logo, but the logo should be less detailed fussy, so very hard to get a beautiful scarf to be.

You can use embroidery logo for hand towels, face towel or can for napkins also very reasonable. With embroidery scarf then you should pay attention to the colors the logo must match the color towels and space room to highlight the towel, causing the attention to customers.

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