Want to become a successful person in the field of restaurant, hotel, you need to hold the information revolves around the issue as: “hotel business need what?” “The hotel business is what?” “Where is the business sector in particular hotel out?”. Let's find out through this article now following you!

Today, tourism in Vietnam is growing higher, the pull in the explosion of the field of business services stay in that hotel business. And can't deny that the hotel business is an industry extremely attractive. However, the main reason that the competition becomes more fierce. So how to you can pass the opponent and succeed in this field?

Business hotel what is? The concept of business this industry

Hotel business is out na is business activity on the basis of service provider, stay and eat. Besides the additional services added to satisfy the needs of the client to bring about the profitability and revenue.

business hotel
Accommodation services for tourists

Characteristics of business services staying at the hotel

Depends on the tourism resources of each local time: Key clients of the hotel is often the guests who travel. Therefore, where there are many tourism resources, then, the operation of the hotel business will grow higher.

Use many direct labor: Products of industry business service residence is quality and service. Therefore, business activities, hotels need to use a lot of direct labor. Because of this characteristic that the hotel managers are always faced with the problem of high labor costs. But again difficult to cut because, directly affecting the quality of service.

Require a large amount of capital investment is extremely large: Due to the cost to lease land and build a hotel initially very large. Besides, the cost of equipment investment, widgets, such as towel quality, ... guarantees the facilities also equally high.

News service: Business activities the hotel is always closely tied to tourism activities. Besides, tourism activities bring seasonality. Therefore, business activities, accommodation services also carry seasonality. And is often divided into two seasons, which is the high season and low season.

business hotel what is
In general, the peak season usually coincides with the tourist season are promoted

The type of hotel today

  • Hotel commercial (Commercial hotel)
  • Airport hotel (Airport hotel)
  • Hotel / resort (Resort hotel)
  • Budget hotel (Hostel)
  • Motel (Motel)
  • Hotel casino (Casino hotel)
  • Hotel floating (Floating Hotel)
  • Hotel “pupa” (Pod hotel)
  • Hotel apartment (Codotel/ Residences/ Serviced Apartment)

The experience about the preparation before stepping into the hotel business

Business capital

This is one of the prerequisite of all business activities, including business services residency. Hotel business requires a huge capital. This type consume a lot of costs, such as construction of infrastructure, the cost of renting, buying locations as ground, pay salaries to employees, shopping facilities for the room, free maintenance operations of the hotel,...

Select business locations

In the business services stay, location is a factor of the utmost importance. Customers travel often will tend to choose the hotel near the famous tourist attractions, close to the station or airport. The reason is to be able to facilitate the move and travel

Need to research the market extremely thorough

By investing a capital of extremely big, as if you do not have the market research thoroughly, then investors will be very unprofitable. Therefore, there should be an overview and overall there is a correct direction.

characteristics business hotel
From there, the investment will bring in the profit and high turnover

Need to complete the licensing procedure business


Conduct construction and construction of the hotel based on the design has pegs

At this stage, you need to calculate exactly on the start time to complete the schedule to cater for the business.

Recruitment, management and staff

In the field of hotel business, the human factor is the most important factor. Therefore, you need your staff to be trained.

the field of business in hotel
Besides, the service attitude must be enthusiastic and have the skills to handle the situation professionally


Hope the information in this article to help you understand the information revolves around the hotel business. And one of the key elements to help make the business service residence is successful, which is the main product when provided to the customer, always ensure the cleanliness and quality, especially the scarf.

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