White bath towel as the product is a large number of motels, hotels choose to use because they bring advantages. However, in the selection process face towel white you should also note a number of things to ensure the best quality as well as optimal is the cost to the business.

4+ reasons why white towels that are holiday homes hotels select


Step into the hotel room the face towel square white will create a sense of clean and more comfortable. Compared with the towel has the vivid color, then white clear superior by the fresh and clean. From there to bring guests stay the most comfortable feeling.

Face towel, square white create a feeling of cleanliness
Face towel, square white create a feeling of cleanliness

Gay coordinate with many interior space

Out of all the colors, then white is the color easy to combine with any trend or style interior design the most. Even be styled modern or classic. Use face towel white along with the sheets will help hotels don't have to fret too much in the selection of colors other decoration. 

Besides, white bath towel also easy to put next to any piece of furniture in the room. It absolutely does not cause discomfort to your stay by the opposition, contrast of colors. At the same time, through which contribute to the aesthetic, increases the chic, polite and extremely modern. 


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Never unfashionable

Each passing year the market has the appearance of a color hot trend. However, like hotel is not outdated as well as ensure a profit they can't apply, as well as running in the color trends through the years.

Besides face towel white simple styling will blend in with the space. This is an effective solution to the problem of revenue as well as giving a hotel with resort services professional, save a lot of costs in the room.


Easy toilet saving cost

Hotel towel sync will help the toilet softer, save time and more effort in the detection stains, stain the same as the classification of bed sheets and towels to the laundry. Suppose when face towel white soiled, then the use of chemicals for easy cleaning, convenient. Chemicals can help for towel to be should add more white. Don't like the scarf with other colors will be old, faded color, or is to replace expensive not less cost. 

Elements to create the perfect for face towel hotel

The smooth soft

Absorbency is always the leading factor to be concerned when select face towel white for hotels. The best you should choose the scarf is made of material 100% cotton. By type this scarf is the price of the reasonable, it brings comfortable feeling for users. A soft, have high absorbency, feeling as coddled when in use.

Wicking, breathable

White bath towel good quality will bring airy feeling when used. Such as cotton towel cotton with the possibility of effective thermal conductivity, the ability to drain good water vapor. Scarf breathable, very quickly dry after use.


The weight is not too heavy

Scarf light weight, not too heavy help even more convenient when using the toilet, washing the more work. They are identified through index GMS: from 300 to 400 is thin, 400 to 500 is of average thickness, GMS from 500 and above is thick. For face towel, square white hotel only of GMS from 300 to 400 is reasonable.

Address buying credits

Besides the above factors, then the address provided white bath towel also criterion is important and you can't ignore. You come the names credibility as Men to have the right choice to meet the maximum needs to use you.

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