You are the subject customers to plan and deploy choosing gifts bulk for customers and partners? Or simply needs encouragement to motivate employees in the collective? You need to choose carefully to help save costs in an optimal way?

With business gift under 100K from Khan Male Style, you will have the best gifts, cheap but still insisted the luxury and elevate brands to the business. Don't miss the opportunity to discover right gift for them.

Gift suggestions for business under 100k

1. Water


Water make a gift quite common of many businesses in 5 years to come back here. Although quite common, but water used as gifts, especially with the gift in the limit 100k back down then this is the option worth considering.

Price range: 40.000 vnd – 60.000 vnd

2. Window


Similar to water, then the donation window is also quite a lot of unit to choose, as well as the price if you buy sll, it is extremely cheap, window have the mix along with a pen or a few gift comes the more more fantastic.

Price range: 30,000 vnd – 100,000 vnd

3. Porcelain cups


Porcelain cups also as gifts for business under 100k that you should consider because it's quite fit the majority of people are donating, special objects, the donation is in the office, then as more suitable.

Price range: 40.000 vnd – 50.000 vnd

4. Usb


Often, this product is quite picky person, but in the segment, business gifts, under 100k, then usb is also a choice quite reasonable

Price range: 40.000 vnd – 70,000 vnd

5. Scarf

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Towel gifts can be gift quite flexible for many important occasions, as well as promotions, simply, by the can mix with many kinds of different gifts, and are full segment from CHEAP to premium for customers to choose.

Price range: vnd 20,000 to 100,000 vnd

6. Key


Keychains are small gifts but hard to lathe, as well as the viral can be much higher than the other products as gifts for business under 100, by the convenience, easy use, and take anywhere if customers choose.

Price range: vnd 5,000 – 20,000 vnd

7. Shirts


Shirts do business gift under 100k why not? Yes gifts this if get customers up and move more, and have brand logo, business on that like? Many people will come to know your brand better.

Price range: 85,000 vnd – 100,000 vnd

8. Pen up


Sign can many you would like, by whom also will use more or less, should be with gifts this should be the investment in quality a bit guests will love and use often more than that.

Price range: vnd 5,000 – 10,000 vnd

9. Blindfolded nap


If the object is in the office, work, then this gift is extremely suitable as a gift for business with 100k.

Price range: 85,000 vnd – 100,000 vnd

Put gifts business now

Today there are quite a lot of units offer gifts business on the market, especially the large units usually years in Hanoi & ho chi minh CITY. If you are in need of gifts for business as well as buying sll, you can contact with Nam Phong SDT below for our timely advice quote the best price to you.


Every detail about the product as well as other related information, please contact to Nam Phong, okay. We have a team of enthusiastic consultants, ready to answer all your questions. Hope soon to welcome you in the shortest time. Sincerely thank you!

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