Da Lat is not only a destination of tourist attractions in the country, but also gradually rising to become one of the city worth living most of Vietnam.

The tourist city famous and worth living for our country as Da Nang, Nha Trang, Vung tau, Da Lat... there are conditions about infrastructure, good service as well as many tourist destinations to satisfy even those customers who travel difficult. Da Nang is a tourist center famous has made successful campaign, “5”: No pussy, hungry, not illiterate, no wandering, begging, no drugs, no murder robbery. Thanks to that campaign, Da Lat is now a city with a good environment, a most liveable city in our country.

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Also a city “3 no” but that doesn't mean tourists, who so well know, that is Da Lat. “3 no” is not a campaign, which is the stuff that Dalat no.

First to mention is not a red light. Da Lat city is located on Lam vien plateau, so there are many hill slopes. Here not fitting the traffic light system. At the fork, intersection, was built on a roundabout. Dalat not many vehicles in traffic should be the very airy and consciously abide by the law of the people very well.

Monday is Da Lat, don't cyclo. Due to the terrain, steep hill, the bike cyclo results is a difficult thing in the city of thousands of flowers.

The final no there is no air conditioning. Da Lat city is located on an altitude of about 1,500 m above sea level, the climate is tropical high mountains, the average temperature from about 18-21 degrees C. Because of the cold climate, should almost who the people as well as the restaurants, hotels do not use air conditioning.

Many people also say in Dalat “4 no” rather than “3”. It is ago Dalat no pool. But practice shows that when we visit a special power Tran le Xuan, the pool is family to build and use from a very long time. So whether it is “3” or “4 no”, Da Lat city is still a city special in the eyes of visitors.

Khan Male Style specializes in providing scarf cheap hotels for many large and small hotels in Da Lat should note that that there is no air conditioning, but there are also less when sai lắm :))) Hope that the information be shared above will help you somehow.

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