Experience luxury hotel for business is one of the very subject that many people are interested, especially those who are like business hotel but do not want to build and re-design. Meanwhile, hiring is one of the optimal solutions and the most effective. So there should be back to the hotel for business or not? To be able to answer this theme, you need to understand about the experience, the work need to be prepared to hire back to the hotel. Besides being must know the model contract hire business hotel best fit. Find out now following you!

The procedure should make when hiring back to the hotel to business

Needs to rest and stay in the big city, always very high. From there, the rent back to the hotel for business or rental building to the hotel is one of the industry are to be invested. Especially for those who are passionate about and understanding the hotel business.

If you are intending to lease back to the hotel to business and mining industry, this should be noted about the procedure. This will help you embark on a business smoothly and in the right the request legally. From then avoid entangled in legal problems fuss arises, how costly time and funding to handle later.

Contract hire hotel

This is one of the basic procedures and prerequisites need to be able to perform; and to avoid incurring the entangled with the hotel owner during the lease the hotel. You need to pay attention on the elements of legal contract.

Conduct of business registration at the venue hotel

You need to register new company or branch registration depending on your selection. 

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Re-register the license fire

This is a kind of license can say is the cost of funding the most. Case luxury hotel on 5 floor, then you need to ask the old hotel provides records fire original; includes the type of license, such as office, acceptance, drawings approval, inspection, testing, certificate of approval on fire.

And when there are these papers, then, the re-inspection of fire will be simpler and less costly cost more. As if the lack of papers on the additional or redo license fire will be extremely expensive.

experience luxury hotels for business
Can be from a few dozen to a few hundred million

Proceed to registration certificate ANTT

After the paper fire then you need to prepare the types of records required to be licensed ANTT.

Sign up, star rating for hotels by you

This is a procedure not required. But as if the hotel business and ensure alteration, you need to proceed. Case you need to promote your brand, then registration certificate hotel star rating from 1 star to 5 stars? The certificate will have the value is 3 years from the date of issuance. And when the time limit expires, you must register level again.

The risks may be encountered when renting hotels for business

  • Difficult to recover the funds in quick time
  • Faced with the competition extremely fierce
  • Extremely difficult in the management of

Small tip about experience in luxury hotels for business

Select location and convenient

Please determine the specific market to determine the location beautiful. There are the tourist areas, the crowded city, near the convention center. From it would have been a amount of customers who rent certain and significant.

Focus on quality investment services

Any one service would also need to invest in quality. For hotels, the quality of service is extremely important. This is the key factor to decide the success of your. When customers get to experience the best and most perfect, they will come back time Monday, last Tuesday, even given the assessment of positive feedback on social networks.

rent back to the hotel to business
And this will be one of the capital extremely valuable to attract the potential customers and other

Must have a strategy specific business

Not only with experience in luxury hotels for business, for any a any field, you also need to have a strategy specific business. Be divided according to each stage of the company, including construction, strategy, compete with the opponents; marketing strategy to promote your brand; or strategy to attract customers. One good strategy is to bring to be a good experience for customers.

Contract rent hotels for business
And investment strategy into your device such as towels, mattresses, ... is also a strategy you can't overlook

Need to apply the reasonable price

In general, experience luxury hotels for business, the secret that is should be applied in reasonable price. Consider the set the stars to best suit each room and each season travel different. Don't be so competitive that are willing to lower prices bedroom down or lifted up too high compared to the quality of service.

Emphasis on training staff

Factors extremely important to create the professional, that is the attitude of the staff. And make sure that customers will be extremely pleased to get the care and advice is extremely enthusiastic of the hotel staff.

there should hire back to the hotel to business
Employees need to be conscientious and considerate with customers


Hope the information in this article has helped you find yourself the experience of luxury hotels for business. And can say, the towel is one of the products have a direct impact on customers. From which decisions are customers are satisfied with the quality of service you or not.

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