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The cost of opening the small spa there is the problem that you're interested in? The total cost to open the spa salon now there is a problem left open for the salon owner, spa are a new start business. To know the cost of opening a small spa is how much you need to know the account details for the items whatsoever? Need to spend money, and the limit is how much? Specific out why, find out now following you!

Cost, open spa is how much? Including items whatsoever?

The investment cost of building spa basic

Statistics the basic categories

Based on investor demand and form of the salon spa that business owners will need to prepare the capital construction investment is different. Simple Spa includes two spaces is the living room, and room service.

Living room will be used to advise customers, relaxation, wait, ... The waiting room, including the front desk, chair, table, sopha seating, cabinets, documents, ... Depending on the scale to prepare the number of glass cabinet to display cosmetics, ornaments, air conditioning, ... Ứớc charged to about 60 million.

Room service will include the type of difficult quality to use bed wood lower cabinets to the curtains, separates, ornaments, air conditioning, staff uniforms,... With room service, basically the cost estimated at about 35 million. In general, if you decide spa business small care services follow a simple scale, then 2 – 4-bed is enough. Cost about 200 million.

For larger spas, skin care services, beauty, depth, and serve the wider audience, it need about 6 of the bed. The cost to about 400 million. For spa, beauty center, there are about 6 -, 8 bed, there are VIP rooms, private then the amount of investments will fall to about $ 600 million.

cost, open spa
Depending upon the scale which spa will need to invest in building professional or just simple

Why should invest towel and uniform, spa quality?

Need to choose the system, reputation and quality because all will affect the customer experience when using your service, especially the scarf. Scarf is used in direct contact with the customers, especially the skin of the customer. As if choosing the type of scarf no quality could cause consequences for the face and skin body of customers. This will negatively affect your brand. So, should choose to buy towels in the locations provided towel spa famous. And Towels Cheap is one of the places that you can't ignore.

Besides, uniform for spa staff is also one of the items that you need to invest. Because this is exactly the image of your brand. When entering a spa, though small-scale, but employees have uniform professional. This will show and the password is your brand.

cost, open spa small
And make sure customers will feel attracted by your brand

Cost, open spa when investing in equipment, machinery

Equipment and machinery is an indispensable part for a spa salon. Whether it is large scale or small, this will be a tool to help support the implementation of the therapy, skin care and beauty for our customers. Based on the scale and service of each spa that business owners can prepare these types of different machines. The cost for the machinery and equipment basic fall in the range of 100 to 300 million. Machinery and equipment specialized for spa falls into about 500 to 900 million.

With respect to the number of machines more then the amount of capital investments will fall to about 1 billion fad to 2 and a half billion. You should purchase at the venue to provide the quality with good price to ensure operation in the process of care.

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Cost, open spa for cosmetic

The number and quality of american products will initially depending on the scale of the spa. If as a spa salon with small and medium scale, the number of cosmetic just enough; but still there must be diversity. Depending on the type of cosmetics which you will select the line basic or specialized. Cosmetic also have the role of utmost importance in the care of the health and beauty of our customers. Therefore, you should find out the source of goods cosmetics safe and of good quality. Typically, the cost spent to buy cosmetics for spa falls into about 40 to 50 million.

the cost of opening 1 small spa
As for the spa, the larger the cost will be more

The type of cost, open spa small other

The amount ranges between 20 to 200 million a month; including the cost as following: electric, water, costs for staff, costs for marketing, the cost of the rental, ... For the spa salon with the small and medium scale would fall in about 30 – 40 million a month for other expenses this. Also the spa is greater then the cost will fluctuate more.

cost, open spa salon
So, with a capital of from 300 to 400 million or more as you can own yourself a salon, small spa with a full range of equipment and items needed


Hope these information about the cost of opening a spa in this article has helped you solve the problem of his interest. And if you are in need of finding a place to provide the kind of towel spa quality với giá thành không qua trung gian. Bên cạnh đó là hệ thống đồng phục thể hiện được cá tính và hình ảnh thương hiệu riêng của bạn với giá thành cạnh tranh nhất. Hãy liên hệ ngay hôm nay với Towels Giá Rẻ để được tư vấn sớm giúp bạn nhé.